China has been a sweetheart since we got her at 5 1/2 weeks old.  She is very easy to train and is very honest in the water.  She had 15 derby points and was QAA at 22 months.  She is 10  years old and her sire is FC AFC Candlewoods Desert Storm MH.  China has 48 all age points..  She is now a retired QUEEN.
2006 National Amateur FINALIST!! in Oregon.

2007  Trial Results
Blackwarrior--Amateur 4th
Central Arkansas- Open 4th, Amateur 4th
Golden Retriever-  Open 4th, Amateur 3rd
Memphis Amateur --Amateur jam
Miss. Valley Ret. Club - Amateur 2nd
Memphis Am.  3rd place

2008 Spring Trial Results
Central Arkansas-Amateur Jam
River King -Open 2nd
River King -Amatuer 3rd
Middle Tennesee- Amateur Jam
Lincoln Trail - Open 1st/ Amateur 4th
Qualified 2008  National Amateur
Qualified 2008 National Open
Fall Trial Results
Mississippi Valley Amateur 4th
Lincoln Trail -Amateur Jam
Memphis -Amateur Jam


Diamond came to us at 8 weeks old.  She has a very high desire to retrieve.  She is very powerful and stylish.  She is a joy to train and watch.  She hits the water at full force. She is 4 years old.  She had 27 derby poins and was QAA at 28 months.   Her sire is FC AFC Candlewoods Court Jester.  Diamond is about 70 lbs.  and solid muscle.
2007 Trial Results

Blackwarrior --Amateur 1st
Central Arkansas-Amateur reserve jam
Golden Retriever -- Amateur reserve jam
Mississippi Valley -- Amateur 4th
Middle Tennessee-- Amateur 2nd
Memphis Amateur--Amateur 3rd

2007 National Amateur Qualifier
2008 Fall Trial Results
Bluegrass  -Open 3rd
Memphis Amateur Jam

2009- Spring Results
Black Warrior- Open 1st
Mississippi Valley- Open Jam
Middle Tennesse-Open Jam
Miiddle Tennessee--Amateur 2nd
Memphis  Am. Ret. Club  Open Jam
Memphis Am. Ret. Club Amateur 2nd
Lincoln Trail RC Amateur 2nd
Lincoln Trail RC Open RJ
2009 National Amateur Qualifier

2009 National Amateur FINALIST in Minnesota


Naughty was a gift from Kippy and Karen Kemp.  She is 3 years old.  Her sire is FC AFC FORDLANDS BORED OUT FORD  and dam  is FC AFC ALPHA MINNIE PEARL. 
Trial Results
October 2007
Mississippi Valley Ret. Club puppy stake 1st place ran by her Mom.

Macy...............She is out of Cane and Diamond.  She is a fire breather with lots of  style. 

2009 MO Waterfowl Festival Open Speed retrieve 1st place handled by Mom.
March 2010 Bluegrass Ret. Club  Derby 3rd place
Mississippi Valley Ret. Club -- Reserve Jam Derby
Memphis Am. Ret.. Club--- Derby Jam ......... run by Mom
River King Ret. Club   Derby Jam
Middle Tenn. Ret. Club Qualifying Reserve Jam
Black Warrior Ret. Club Qualifying Jam
Memphis Am.  Qualifying Jam
Riverking Qualifying 2nd
DIAMOND              2009 NARC FINALIST                                          MINNESOTA
CHINA              2006 NARC FINALIST                                              OREGON
2009 Fall Results
Manitowoc County  Ret. Club - Amateur RJ
Lincoln Trail Ret. Club  -Open 4th place
Memphis Amateur Ret. Club Open 2nd place
2009 National Open Qualifier
2009 Middle Tenn. Ret. Club High Point Trophy

2010 Results
Black Warrior  Ret Club  Amateur 1st
Bluegrass Ret. Club- Open jam
Mississippi Valley Ret Club -Open Jam
Middle Tenn. Ret. Club  Open 4th
Golden Ret. Club Amateur 3rd and Open Jam
Lincoln Trail Amateur  2nd
Middle Tenn. Ret. Club Open 3rd
Middle Tenn. Ret. Club Amateur 2nd
Lincoln Trail Amateur 2nd
Memphis Ret. Club Open 3rd

2010 National Amateur Qualifier

2011 Results
Bluegrass  Ret. Club  Amateur Reserve Jam
Golden Ret. Club  Open 4th
Mississippi Valley Ret Club  Open 4th
Middle Tenn. Ret Club Amateur 2nd
Riverking Ret. Club  Amateur 4th
Lincoln Trail Ret. Club  Open 3rd /Amateur 3rd
Middle Illinois Amateur 4th
Middle Tenn. Ret. Club Open 4th
Bluegrass Ret. Club Open 3rd
Black Warrior Ret Club Open 3rd

Diamond 2009  & 2010 MTRC High Point Open Dog and High Point Amateur Trained and Handled Dog
Diamond 2011 MTRC High Point Open Dog